23 June 2012

Pat Proctor's Newest "Report from Afghanistan" up at ArmchairGeneral.com

ArmchairGeneral.com has just posted another article by Pat Proctor, "Report from Afghanistan: A Turning Tide?" To see the article, click here. Here is an excerpt:

In Nerkh, as in the rugged northeastern reaches of Kunar and Nuristan and the arid plains of northeast Ghazni, Hezb-i-Islami is walking a precarious tightrope, declaring opposition to the Taliban where it has worn out its welcome, ambivalence to an Afghan government with tentative public support, and public hostility but private d├ętente with coalition forces. If they can bring along those Afghans loyal to Hezb-i-Islami through thirty years of association with their tamim, this might just be the beginning of a turning tide in the decade long war in Afghanistan.

Pat Proctor has been deployed to eastern Afghanistan with the US 1st Infantry Division since April 2012. Before he left, he agreed to write a series of articles for Armchair General magazine.  You can see other articles in this series here.

16 June 2012

The Journal of Strategic Security has just published an article by author Pat Proctor, "War without Violence: Leveraging the Arab Spring to Win the War on Terrorism."

"After a decade of war, the United States has failed to eradicate the threat of salafist jihadism. No matter how hard it tries, the United States cannot kill its way to victory in the war on terrorism. Sweeping changes across the Middle East—dubbed the "Arab Spring" by the media—have presented the West with a unique opportunity to pursue an alternative approach. Rather than engaging in war (politics through violence), the United States should engage in mass politics (war without violence) to compel the Arab world to reject the salafist jihadism idea."

To read the entire article, click here.