22 December 2012

Pat Proctor's final "Report from Afghanistan" available at Armchairgeneral.com

Pat Proctor writes about the future of the war in Afghanistan in the final instalment of his series, "Special Report from Afghanistan," for ArmchairGeneral.com. To see the article, click here. Here is an excerpt:

Conventional forces can continue their current mission in Afghanistan – advising and assisting Afghan national security forces – beyond the December 2014 deadline set for the withdrawal of “combat troops” from Afghanistan with or without SOF. The same cannot be said for the SOF Camp strategy, what Vice President Biden famously called in 2009 “counter-terrorism plus.”

Pat Proctor just returned from his eight-month deployment to eastern Afghanistan with the US 1st Infantry Division. Before he left, he agreed to write a series of articles for Armchair General magazine. You can see other articles in this series here.